Word from our founder

Rich ‘n’ Cozi New York has been forged out of raw creativity, dedication, resilience, and grace. We provide private hair sessions in a peaceful environment where clients can blossom. See what you like or don’t and play around with different looks! Book an appointment for a free consultation today!! You can find yourself at Rich ’n’ Cozi!! And take us with you, like that New York demeanor the world recognizes…. Our stride cannot be denied. Shop Our online store to find pro hair and skincare, nail polish, vivid colored bundles, custom wigs, high fashion, jewelry, candles, and our signature fragrance. Rich ‘n’ Cozi New York is more than a Hair Salon it’s a culture. Your welcome.

About our founder

Jennifer, Rich 'n' Cozi founder

“As a stylist, Jay is highly educated and passionate in her profession. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of clients and their expectations. There’s always a bit of apprehension a new client could experience, like “I wonder if she knows how to do my hair,” or “I hope my hair will come out like I expect it to.” All expectations were met with Jay. She has taken great care of my hair and is consistent with treatment. As a two year client, I am fully confident I will continue to get my tresses blessed by Jay!“ – @_kenetics

Jay Louise is known in the hair industry for giving the people what they want when they want it! With over 10yrs of professional experience in salon, film and print, she has a full catalogue of hair styles to accommodate your particular New York lifestyle. You can probably find her whizzing by on a City bike near you, so she knows how imperative it is to be versatile with your style. She also has a knowledge of skincare that has been honed by freelancing luxury skin care lines featured in Bloomingdales, Blue Mercury, and Sephora. Jay Louise is numbers driven.. results matter!! She provides a very clear plan for her clients as to what products and hair style choices will give max results in minimal time.

“Let’s grow together. Let’s build together. Let’s shine together. All my clients are edgy, super talented, professionally flyy and beautiful in their own way. I’m just here to enhance what’s already there!! “

Live Rich..Stay Cozi
Jay Louise